The Lagos state police command paraded Burna Boy’s manager, Joel Kantiock alongside the armed robbers who attacked Mr 2kay at Eko Hotels on November 20th, 2107.

Speaking to journalists, the leader of the robbery gang, Omotore, 27, confessed that they were the ones that carried out the attack on Mr 2kay on the instructions of Burna Boy’s road manager, Joel Kantiock who told him that his boss gave the orders.

On that day, I was at home when Joel called me on the telephone and said Mr. 2Kay had to be beaten up. that Mr. 2Kay had issues with Burna Boy. When I got to the hotel, he gave me the room number where Mr.

2Kay was. There were three other guys there and Joel took all of us to the elevator and instructed the security man to open the elevator for us.

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When we got to Mr 2kay’s room, we beat him and tied him. We also took his wristwatches and other valuable items

One of the robbers, Identified as Igwe and also a student of the University of Lagos, said she volunteered to beat up Mr 2kay up because he is a big fan of Burna Boy. He revealed that he was contacted by Omotore through the phone. He later picked him up at Bariga and they both went to Eko Hotel together.

However, Joel Kantiock denied contracting anyone to beat up and rob Mr 2kay on behalf of his boss and claimed that he had no idea the two artists were having issues.