A Physically challenged woman who resides on Omohwovo Street, Iwhrekpokpo community, in the Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, allegedly killed her own baby hours after delivery.

The accused, who is identified as Elohor, was alleged to have given birth to the baby boy on Monday in her apartment, where she stayed with her mother, without any medical aid.

The cry of the newborn baby was said to have attracted neighbours, who immediately rushed to the apartment to offer assistance to the new mother.

The mother of the physically challenged woman was said to be away when she put to bed.

Elohor, who neighbours said was a plantain chip seller in her late 20s, was alleged to have killed the baby before the following morning, and lied to neighbours that the baby’s father took him away.

The identity of the man responsible for the pregnancy had remained unknown before she put to bed on Monday.

However, neighbours, who were not satisfied with the explanation, questioned her sibling.

It was then revealed that the baby had died in the night after the mother allegedly forced hot water into his mouth before suffocating him to death.

A resident, Simon Ohwo, who took to Facebook to decry the incident, said, “After the celebration (of the baby’s birth), everyone went home, leaving Elohor and her sibling, since the mum was not around that day, hoping to check on her in the morning.