One as of the major factors that contributed to the Victory of President Muhammad Buhari at the polls in 2015 was the articulate presentation of change agenda that every Nigerians were itching for.

We were all chanting, shouting and screaming “APC CHANGE“! At that time President Muhammad Buhari appeared to be the messiah or probably the biblical Moses ready to take Nigeria to the promise land.

Alas! it’s about 13 months before the general elections. My people, where is the change? Where are the promises of employment opportunities for youths?

The promises of infrastructural development, let’s not even talk about electricity in which our honourable minister made mouth about.

As a matter of fact, no clear-cut change yet. All we’ve been experiencing from the advent of this administration is gross incompetence consequently resulting to backwardness.

How do you describe a government that spent five good months on compiling the names ministers?

How do you describe a President whose awareness of the decadence in the country’s healthcare sector necessitated his medical treatment abroad for over 100days?

Anyway, change they say is constant, which means whether for better or for worse, change is bound to happen. But the question still remains;

Can President Buhari Still Bring The Positive Change He Promised Nigerians Before His Tenure Ends? or

Do You Think The Whole Change Campaign Was A Scam From The Onset?

Abi, The Whole Efforts To Bring Change Is Being Threatened By The Negative Effects Of The Excess Corruption In The Previous Administration?

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